A dungeon filled with voxels and other kindly creatures



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Discoverie is a first-person action game where the player controls a character who, armed with a crossbow, has to try to get out of a dungeon filled with strange creatures.

The players will only have one weapon, the crossbow, but it has infinite arrows so you'll never have to worry about picking up ammunition or reloading. In its place, you go around shooting like crazy at practically everything that moves – although there are some creatures who are not hostile, of course.

To get out of the dungeon where you're locked in you'll need a series of keys to open the corresponding doors. You'll find these keys behind paintings and other types of objects that you'll also have to shoot.

Your hero starts the game with six lives and each time a creature hits you you lose one. If your life gets to zero... you have to start from the beginning, losing all the keys you obtained up to that point.

Discoverie is a first-person action game with touches of 'roguelike' whose main strong point is its spectacular graphics. The lighting effects especially shine in a dark but very colorful voxel world.
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